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Trueline® uses "smart collaboration" to turn isolated and confused customers into an integrated and confident community, improving your signup volumes, retention rates, activity levels and transaction margins.

True or False?

A survey of online traders showed that lower trust in equity research is correlated with lower transaction levels.

Today’s most valuable online customers are unimpressed by the noisy chat rooms and unfiltered ratings systems intended to help them sort through an overwhelming number of options.

 Low levels of trust and high levels of confusion can lead to “analysis paralysis” that hurts both your customer and your company. Trueline provides the clear and confident call to action your customers are looking for.

Our solution rates customers according to the success they have had in the past and looks at what they are doing in the present in order to provide guidance on what to do in the future. With verifiable data, objective analysis and clear ratings based on proven expertise, Trueline is an automated source of trustworthy advice for self-directed investors, peer to peer lenders and other online communities.
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